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What do we expect from you as coach?
Section 3, Area T, Region 220, Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow, NY

- All AYSO coaches are volunteers, who receive free age-appropriate coach training. It only takes time, which you'll spent with your kids!
- AYSO mission statement: to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on our 6 philosophies: everyone plays; balanced teams; open registration; positive coaching; good sportsmanship; and player development.
- Read your e-mails and act upon it (it's our main communication line).
- Visit our website regularly and encourage parents to do the same.
- Attend Safe Haven and Age Appropriate courses and plan ahead for next year (some of them are now available on-line).
- Come to the Coaches' Meeting (to receive coaching materials, uniforms, equipment (balls, whistle, first aid kit, etc.), rosters (which are never available on the website), schedules (which will be available on the website, per age group) and "U8 and older" coaches sign up for a Saturday Practice slot. Bring the registration forms to each practice and game.
- Contact the players and inform them of the roster and schedule (schedules (check on-line during the season; it can change!) and field directions are be on the website). Tell parents that shin guards are mandatory and soccer cleats recommended (or sneakers). Players should bring a water bottle during practice. Remind parents that only few fields have bathrooms. We'll meet 8 times in the Fall, and another 8 times the following Spring, with the same team.
- Recruit an assistant coach and team parent (to arrange the drink schedule (non-carbonated drinks for games) and to organize a telephone tree). U8 and U10 coaches should recruit a referee for home games.
- At the first practice: have a parent meeting and lay down the rules: what to expect, who's in charge (the coach in general and during a game the referee on the field), etc.
- The uniforms were ordered in July but the final teams weren't made till early September, so a few changes have been made in the teams. When giving out uniforms, start with the largest player and work your way down. Shin guards (inside the socks) are mandatory (but not part of the supplied uniform) for practices and games. For practices players should wear any soccer outfit; for games the supplied uniform. No player may wear anything (including jewelry, armbands, earrings, casts and splints) that is dangerous to him/herself or any other player.
- The first coach will set up the goals, the last one will store them.
- If your game starts late for whatever reason, the total playtime will be shortened accordingly; referees will be instructed to clear the field at the scheduled time.
- Know and share at least the Simplified Rules of the Game, and even better the FIFA Laws of the Game.
- Adhere to the Standard Regional Guidelines.
- "U8 and younger" have no goalkeeper. Coaches for "U8 and older" should not be on the field during a game.
- For "U10 and older", adhere to the Area 3T Guidelines. For "U10 and older" we only keep track of the Win/Loss/Tie record in the Fall, in order to better balance teams in the Spring. "Submit report" after every game (see link in your schedule).
- The decision to cancel games and/or practices for any given day, due to weather and/or field conditions, for certain or all age groups, is normally accessible on this page. Contact the opposing coach mid-week to confirm time and location of the game. Coaches should make every possible effort NOT to cancel a game.
- Acknowledge that the Referee is the ultimate authority at a game (even when he/she seems to make wrong decisions) and the coach is in charge of the behavior of the team plus the parents. Spectators should remain well behind the spectator lines and are not allowed behind the goals. Good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior are important, so tell parents to read Sideline Etiquette: "set the example, don't be the example".
- Know that we have a VIP team for special needs kids.
- Players play, Coaches coach, Referees referee, and Parents cheer.
- Remember: it's only a game!

AYSO Region 3/T/220, Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow, NY