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Section 3, Area T, Region 220

The following volunteer board members are privileged to serve as administrators and provide stewardship in the development of regional soccer.

For registration questions or issues, please contact our Registrar.

TitleName (e-mail)phone
  • Regional Commissioner
  • Matthew Evans914-588-6034
  • Coach Administrator
  • Glenn Higgins914-366-4148
  • Registrar
  • Vanessa Mendez914-733-8959
  • Treasurer
  • Karen Kuhn914-560-6067
  • Referee Scheduler
  • Elizabeth Costa914-497-0033
  • Fields/Facilities Coordinator/Safety Director
  • John Sutherland914-804-8136
  • Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)
  • Glenn Higgins914-366-4148
  • Uniforms
  • Karen Kuhn914-560-6067
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • John Maltby914-631-0105
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Karen Kuhn914-560-6067
  • Management Administrator
  • Jordan Becker914-524-9624
  • Division Coordinator U14-19
  • Jeremy Feigelson 914-806-0282
  • Division Coordinator U12 Boys
  • Dan Black914-923-7001
  • VIP Coordinator (Special Needs Players)
  • JoAnn Ehnes914-232-9258
  • Photo Day Coordinator
  • John Sutherland914-804-8136
  • Spanish Translator & La Pampa Coordinator
  • Ricardo Gonzalez917-226-4081
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Barbara Thomas914-332-6403
  • Webmaster
  • Peter
    van der Heijden
  • Emeritus
  • Hossein Fassa
  • Emeritus
  • Bill Hummell

    Karen Kuhn was Regional Commissioner from September 1, 2011 till August 15, 2014.
    John Maltby was Regional Commissioner, from July 20, 2009, till September 1, 2011.
    Hossein Fassa was Regional Commissioner, from July 21, 2006, till July 20, 2009 and Area Director for Area 3T as of February 2, 2010.
    Peter van der Heijden was Regional Commissioner, from December 6, 2003, till July 21, 2006 and succeeded Bill Hummell as Section Director for Section 3 July 21, 2006 till March 1, 2010 and December 9, 2010 till January 23, 2011.
    Jordan Becker was Regional Commissioner, from May 1, 2001, till December 6, 2003 and succeeded Bill Hummell as Area Director for Area 3T till January 26, 2007.
    Bill Hummell, the previous RC, AD, and SD, was elected to the National Board of Directors May 28, 2006. See History.
    Our regional budget is available to the entire region and is distributed upon request. Click here for AYSO National Finance Reports.

    The RC or Regional Commissioner is the only regional board member whose appointment must be approved by the NBOD. The RC's general term is 3 years and nomination is open to all who are interested. The RC appoints the other board members as appropriate. There is no term limit for board members, but every position is encouraged to seek their own assistant/successor.